Jim Thorpe Canton Bulldogs Original Artwork By Michael Mellett

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This original artwork is from the Sports Artist Michael Mellett and was used to create the revolutionary "Football Lithograph Collection".

The "Football Lithograph Collection" was a series that started back in the early 90's, when there was no limited edition artwork priced under $250.  The series had a price point of $29.95 (same price as today).  The idea of the series was to create quality artwork at a reasonable price.  Eventually others started doing the same, making limited edition artwork very common under $100 price point.  But, Michael Mellett and Hall-O-Fame Group can claim they are the pioneers of affordable limited edition artwork.  Depending on the team the "Football Lithograph Collection" is limited to 1,000 or 500, there was also a sub-set of a few players that was called the "Sensational Rookie Series" or MVP Series" which was limited to 400.  The total series currently consist of 171 different players and less that 100 of the originals are available for sale.

The original piece of art available was used to create the series and is roughly 15 X 20.  It was drawn on a heavy artist board.  The medium Michael Mellett used was pencil, water color and charcoal.  It will have imperfections and markings from the artist that is not shown on the lithograph.  Each original are signed by Michael Mellett on back, with stacked "M" logo, the only id on the front.  The stacked "M" on each of Michael Mellett is his trademark that are on all of his artwork, it looks like 6 squares, but actually two M's. 

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